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Third-Party Administrators

Call centers use to eliminate compliance risk, improve service, and boost revenue.
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Supercharge Your Call Center

Automatically generate transcripts, QA scores, summaries, compliance assessments, and personalized coaching on every call in seconds.
Eliminate Compliance Risk

Don't hope for compliance. Guarantee it.

Stay ahead of compliance and mitigate risk with proactive monitoring and alerts, ensuring that every call adheres to the highest standards.
Customized compliance checks
Real-time alerts & issue resolution
Screen 100% of calls
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Improve Service

The easiest way to measure and improve your client experience.

Get an objective, in-depth analysis of service levels based on what matters to your business.
Generate custom QA Scores on every call in seconds
Give agents better coaching feedback 90X faster
Track trends and agent performance over time
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What can you do with lightbulb?

Compared to manual Quality Assurance processes is:
Screen Calls




Call Coverage


Cost Savings

The end of manual call reviews.

Features that allow you to focus on what matters - people and process.
Call Breakdowns

Automatic, Custom Call Scoring

A single view for QA scores, summaries, transcripts, and more.
Real Time Dashboard

Track Trends Over Time

Easily view key trends, agent leaderboards, and call scores.
Activity Log

Transparency & Collaboration

Track call activities and engage in discussions with team members.
Export & Share

Monthly Reporting

Export and share custom reports with key stakeholders.
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Talk To Your Data

Gain deeper insights by asking questions about calls in your natural language.
Additional Benefits

We’ve got you covered

Bring your own checklists

Automate your existing call evaluations to make your existing process 90X more efficient and cover 100% of calls.

Support for Multiple Business Units

Run a variety of call evaluations for specific use cases within your organization.

Support for Multiple Business Units

Quickly categorize and find calls based on custom labels.

Custom Trigger Events

Configure triggers to proactively moniter calls, ensuring timely interventions and resolutions.

Seamless Automations & Integrations

Seamlessly plugs into your existing tools  to create a cohesive, efficient environment.

Enterprise Grade Security

Advanced Encryption to ensure your data is protected and compliant.

Shine light on your call center

Don't operate in the dark. Get started with today.
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